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I create most of my exhibitions as immersive installations, where children and adults can experience art in different ways: looking at it, listening to it, touching it, climbing on it - in short, living in it and playing with it. My projects function almost like a theatre, with visitors as audience and actors simultaneously. Several installations have been commisioned by museums, but most of them are property of the artist, often go on tour and are shown several times in Finland and abroad. Many ready projects are available for display.



2024: Teos 2024 (participation). Sales exhibition. Cable Factory, Helsinki.
2024: Repairing the Irreparable. Finnish Military Museum, Suomenlinna, Helsinki.
2024: The Nameless Family Album. Helsinki City Museum, Finland
2023: Repairing the Irreparable (part 2). Gallery A2, Helsinki
2023: Time to Fly. Riihimäki museum, Finland
2023: They were here. Steiner lights, Stein, Netherlands
2023: The Family Tree, The Tree of Life, They Were Here. LUX Söderlångvik, Finland
2023: They were here. Lohja Museum, Finland
2023: Charm of Nature (exhibition architecture). Town hall, Hamina, Finland
2023: Tumpkin's Time. Moomin Museum, Tampere, Finland
2023: Repairing the Irreparable. Muisti Centre of War and Peace, Mikkeli, Finland
2022: They were here. Riihimäki, Finland
2022: Christmas Moomin style. Installation & workshops. Hamina, Finland
2022: They were here. Light festival, Doornenburg castle, Netherlands
2022: They were here. Visual festival, Botania, Joensuu, Finland
2022: Time to Fly. Lumo light festival, Oulu, Finland
2022: The Tree of Life. Houses of light, Kalevantalo, Riihimäki, Finland
2022: They were here. Kindergarten museum, Ebeneser house, Helsinki
2022: Ghostly Guests. Festival of Lights, Berlin
2022: The Sea Adventure with the Moomins. Habitare fair, Helsinki
2022: They were here. Dyck castle, Germany
2022: Mutatis Mutandis. Culture center ARX, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2022: Tove Jansson and the Sea (exhibition architecture). Town hall, Hamina, Finland
2022: The Tumpkin's Time (Tiitiäisen aika). The Päivälehti Museum, Helsinki
2021: They were here. Valkenburg, Netherlands
2021: They were here. Light weeks, Tampere, Finland
2021: They were here. Path of light -festival, Turku, Finland
2021: The Tree of Life. Finland-Russia society. Katajanokka, Helsinki
2021: They were here. Time to fly. Shadows of the past. Hamina, Finland
2021: Bestiarium Construendum. Paläon / Forschungsmuseum Schöningen, Germany
2021: They were here. Shadows of the past. Festungsleuchten festival, Koblenz, Germany
2021: Privacy. HIAA fest. Kaffila Bokvillan, Helsinki
2021: They were here. Kokmuiza festival, Koceni, Valmiera, Latvia
2021: They were here. Heinola art museum, Finland
2021: The Tree of Life. Botania, Joensuu, Finland
2020: Time to Fly. Installation in front of the church. Loviisa, Finland
2020: Time to Fly. Kaamos festival. Oodi library, Helsinki
2020: Metamorphoses. Light festival, Tuusula, Finland
2020: They were here. Enchanted gardens, Arcen, Netherlands
2020: They were here. Two installations. Kymenlaakso Museum, Kotka, Finland
2020: They were here. Bunker Museum, Virolahti, Finland
2020: Courage, Freedom, Love! Muumit 75. National Museum of Finland, Helsinki
2020: Metamorphoses. Juodkrante, Neringa / Klaipeda Light Festival, Lithuania
2020: They were here. J.L.Runeberg's museum. Light festival, Porvoo
2019: They were here. In connection to the exhibition "Kouvola's country seats". Poikilo museum, Kouvola, Finland
2019: They were here. ValotON -light festival, Seinäjoki, Finland
2019: Time to Fly. They Were Here. Metamorphoses. Festival of Lights, Berlin
2019: With Time (retrospective exhibition). Art Museum Veturitalli, Salo, Finland
2019: Time to fly. Glowing sculpture installation. Espoo Visual Festival, Finland
2019: Last Parade. Video installation. Bella Skyway festival, Torun, Poland
2019: Fish eating garbage. Festival ZAVTRA, St.Petersburg, Russia
2019: Let's celebrate together! Lilla Villan, Sipoo, Finland
2019: They were here. Juodkrante, Neringa / Klaipeda Light Festival, Lithuania
2019: Alma Terra. Caisa culture center, Helsinki
2019: Last Parade (alias Free Zoo). Video installation. Canary Wharf Winter Lights festival, London, UK
2019: Eruption. Installation in the yard of the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki
2018: Légendes des pays du Nord. Palais Lumière, Evian, France (participation)
2018: Baltic Book Art Biennale. IFA, St.Petersburg, Russia (participation)
2018: Boris Zahoder. Interactive exhibition. Russian State Children's Library, Moscow.
Non Fiction Book Fair, Moscow.
2018: Metamorphoses. Bella Skyway festival, Torun, Poland
2018: La Continuità - Continuity (participation). Rantakasarmi gallery, Helsinki
2018: Ghostly Guests. Festival of Light in Jerusalem, Israel
2018: À propos de l’eau. Permanent installation in the Cold bath pavillion, Pavlovsk, Russia
2018: Topelius fairyland. Interactive exhibition. Town hall gallery, Nykarleby, Finland
2018: They were here. Tytyri mining museum, Lohja, Finland
2018: They were here. Klaipeda Light Festival, Lithuania
2018: New Library. Museum of XX and XXI ct St.Petersburg Art (participation)
2018: Let's celebrate together! Kantele-house, Porvoo
2017: Shadows of the past. Video installation. Helsinki City Museum.
2017: They were here. Staro Riga festival, Riga, Latvia
2017: Piglet Pete's playground. CulturaFest. Helsinki, Vantaa
2017: They were here. City of light. Jyväskylä, Finland
2017: They were here. Fête de la Lumière, Chartres, France
2017: They were here. Jokioinen, Finland
2017: They were here. Bella Skyway festival, Torun, Poland
2017: At home by Larssons (Kotona Larssoneilla). Lohja museum, Finland
2017: Metamorphoses. Tytyri mining museum / elämyskaivos, Lohja, Finland
2017: Year of Celebration / Juhlien vuosi. Together with Ad Astra. Annantalo, Helsinki
2016: Free Zoo. Video/audio installation. LUNA light festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
2016: They were here. Glowing sculpture installation. Helsinki City Museum
2016: MieliKUVITUS (Imagination + Illustration). Fairy-tale world of Rudolf Koivu. Lohja library, Finland
2016: They were here & Metamorphoses. LUMO light festival, Oulu, Finland
2016: Build, explore, play. Design Academy, Kuopio, Finland
2016: Free Zoo. Polytech Festival. All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH), Moscow
2016: Around the book. Together with N.Rakuzin. Anna Akhmatova museum, St.Petersburg
2016: Mutatis Mutandis. Galleria Uusikuva, Kotka, Finland
2016: They were here. Glowing sculpture installation. LUX Helsinki
2015: Bestiarium Construendum. Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Stuttgart, Germany
2015: Bestiarium Construendum. Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch, Oldenburg, Germany
2015: Concerto for eight chairs. Theater and music museum, St.Petersburg
2015: MieliKUVITUS (Imagination + Illustration). 125th anniversary of Rudolf Koivu (exhibition architecture and curating). The Finnish book museum Pukstaavi, Sastamala.
2015: Metamorphoses. Installation (part of the Polytech-festival), VDNH, Moscow
2015: Fail. Exhibition of abandoned art. Free art space, Helsinki
2015: Fairyland Heroes. 150th anniversary of Zacharias Topelius' Stories for children. Päivälehti museum, Helsinki
2015: Twelve months. Art centre for children, Villa Arttu, Hyvinkää, Finland
2014: At Home. Installation. In connection with the exhibition: Carl Larsson. The good life. Ordrupgaard museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014: The Big Book Labyrinth. City celebration day. All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH), Moscow.
2014: Twelve months. Interactive exhibition. Finnish clock museum, WeeGee exhibition center, Espoo, Finland
2014: The Big Book Labyrinth. Afisha's Picnic, Kolomenskoe park, Moscow
2014: Children's Day on the Palace Square in St.Petersburg
2014: The Big Book Labyrinth. Polytech - Festival of science and curiosity. All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH), Moscow.
2014: Bestiarium Construendum. Interactive exhibition. Polytechnic museum, VDNH, Moscow.
2014: Bestiarium. Interactive exhibition. National Art Museum of Sakha (Jakutia), Jakutsk, Russia.
2013: Bestiarium. Interactive exhibition. Museum of Modern Art PERMM, Perm, Russia.
2013: Twelve months. Interactive exhibition. Russian State Children's Library, Moscow.
2013: Mutatis Mutandis. Interactive sculpture installation. Art factory, Porvoo.
2013: Metamorphoses 2. Sculpture installation in the Children's museum center for historical education, St.Petersburg (see under objects)
2013: Adventures with Buratino. Permanent exhibition in the Samara literary museum
2013: The smart ABC. Children's museum for historical education, St.Petersburg
2013: The crazy world of the Kiljuset family. Pukstaavi, Sastamala, Finland.
2013: Mutatis Mutandis. Interactive sculpture installation. Karatalo, Espoo.
2013: Teddybooks & bookteddies. Russian State Children's Library, Moscow. Children's library, St.Petersburg
2013: The first book (participation). Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow.
2012-2013: Twelve months. Interactive exhibition. City Sculpture Museum, St.Petersburg
2012: Mutatis Mutandis. Interactive sculpture installation. Annantalo Art Center, Helsinki.
2012: Beyond Reality. The Fairy Tale World of Rudolf Koivu. Exhibition & installation. Retretti Art Center, Punkaharju, Finland.
2012: Teddy-Books and Book-Teddies. City library, Varkaus.
2012: At Home. Installation. Ateneum Art Museum - Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki.
2012: Alma Terra. City library, Kotka.
2011: The Very Beginning. Children’s department of the State museum of the history of religion.

2011: Mutatis Mutandis. Interactive sculpture installation. State Hermitage Museum, Youth Education Center, St.Petersburg.
2011:Poems to the Touch. Anna Akhmatova Museum and schools for blind and visually impaired children, Saint Petersburg.
2011: Voices (Sounding Square). Audio installation on the Parade Ground of the Gatchina Grand Palace.
2010: The Christmas reconstruction. Sculpture installation. Tikanoja art museum, Vaasa.
2010: Privacy. Sculpture installation. Post & Customs House, Eckerö, Åland islands.
2010: Privacy. Sculpture installation. MArt gallery, St.Petersburg.
2010: Pablo & Alexander. Playing with Picassso. Museum "The Universe of Water", St.Petersburg.
2010: Pablo & Alexander. Playing with Picassso. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2010: Pablo & Alexander. Playing with Picassso. LAKU, Villa Arttu, Hyvinkää.
2009: Pablo & Alexander. Playing with Picasso. Annantalo Art Center, Helsinki.
2009: Bestiarium Construendum. Åland Art Museum, Mariehamn.
2009: Bestiarium Construendum - Oudot otukset. Heureka The Finnish Science Center, Vantaa.
2009: All of life long ago (together with Anna-Clara Tidholm). Hälsingland museum, Hudiksvall, Sweden.
2008: The crazy roundabout. Culture centre, Espoo (together with students of UIAH).
2008: Tales and truths. (Exhibition design and architecture; participation). Palacio Galveias, Lisbon, Portugal (organized by Bedeteca). International Centre of Children's Literature, Salamanca, Spain. Children's museum Klick, Hamburg, Germany. Exhibition Centre of the Artist's Union, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2008: Curious Creatures & Changes (retrospective exhibition). Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland (exhibition displayed in the Suvilahti school on the Housing Fair ground).
2007: Curious Creatures & Changes (retrospective exhibition). Salo Art Museum, Finland.
2007: Naum book art (participation). Finnish Institute, Paris.
2007: Add to Favorites (together with Vladimir Bystrov). Anna Ahmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2007: Nest. pARTner project Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
2007: Fertility Fiction (Satu sadosta). Part of the Enviromental archeology exhibition. Retretti art center, Punkaharju.
2007: Pictures and sculptures not only for children. Mini-Lilium, Hanko.
2007: The Third Culture (participation). Rundetaarn. Copenhagen, Danmark
2007: The Third Culture (participation). Cable Factory, Helsinki.
2007: Age of the Animal. Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki (participation, planning of one exhibition hall)
2007: Naum Book Art (participation). Grafiska sällskapet galleri, Stockholm.

2007: Teddy-Books and Book-Teddies. G.A.Serlachius -museum, Mänttä.
2006: Naum Book Art (participation). City library, Lohja.
Bestiarium Construendum. State Museum of Religious History, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2006: Kirjahduksia. Artist books exhibition (participation). Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma.
2005-2006: Alma Terra. Voipaala. Villa Arttu, Hyvinkää.
2005-2006: Tales and truths. (Exhibition design and architecture; participation). Helsinki city art museum, Meilahti. Art museum, Göteborg, Sweden.
Alma Terra. Installation. Retretti art center, Punkaharju
2004-2006: Teddy-Books and Book-Teddies. Art museum, Mikkeli. International art center for children, Hyvinkää. Children culture center Arx, Hämeenlinna.
2004: Through the Looking Glass (part.):
Mare Nocturnum. Retretti art center.
2004: Bamse, Puh & Uppo-Nalle. City museum, Loviisa.
Bestiarium Construendum. Create Curious Creatures! Amos Anderson art museum, Helsinki
2003: Teddy-Books and Book-Teddies. Bears and Teddies in the children's books. Voipaala.
2003: The Soul of the Plants. Assisted by Mr. Greenfinger. Annantalo
2003: Myths and Symbols (together with Andrei Gennadiev). International Culture Center Caisa, Helsinki
2002: The Labyrinth of Minotaur (together with Vera Hlebnikova). Annantalo
art center, Helsinki Festivals
2002: The case of A.K. (together with Vera Hlebnikova). Contemporary art in
the traditional museum. Rumyantsev mansion, the State museum of the history
of St.Petersburg
2002: Mare nocturnum. Sculpture installation. Tower gallery, Kotka
Summernight dream: the world of elves (part.). Tikanoja art museum, Vaasa
2002: Fairy-tales of sky and sea. City museum, Loviisa
2002: Illustrators exhibition. Non fiction (part.). Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy
2002: The colors of the Saint (part.). Museo Diocesano, Padova, Italy
The hill of Rapola (a part of the exhibition "Time and landscape"). Voipaala
Sea bottom (a part of the Fantastic garden and Children's own reading room). Kajaani
The children's own reading room (together with Vera Hlebnikova). Voipaala, Kajaani
The fantastic garden (together with Veronica Leo and others). Voipaala, Kajaani
Horns, flipper, wings. Jämsä, Finland (together with Vera Hlebnikova)
Sweat dreams and nightmares. Art museum, Mikkeli
2000: The best illustrators from Eastern Europe. Bolzano, Italy
Paddington, Puh and Baloo.Bears and Teddies in the children's books. International Children's Library, Munich, Germany (exhibition concept, design and participation). Also Bensheim, Reutlingen, Schwabisch Gmünd, Essen, Bergem, Troisdorf, Caudete, Bozen, Schlanders, Deggendorf, Eutin, Rovereto, Trento (Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain)
2000: Fairy-tale park (together with Vera Hlebnikova)
1999-2000: Images of Fantasy - 17. international exhibition of children book's illustrations Sarmede, Treviso, Belluno, Siena, Bolzano etc, Italy (part.)
The musical clockwork: where the sounds come from. (Together with Mikko Perkoila). Hyvinkää, Voipaala, Hankasalmi, Vantaa. Finland
1999: Illustration Triennal. Mikkeli, Finland (part.)
1998-99: Pictures, books etc. Jämsä, Finland
The feather island: fairy-tales and dreams of Z.Topelius. Vaasa, Alajärvi
Princess for one day! (together with Vera Hlebnikova). Hyvinkää, Voipaala, Karkkila (Finland), Nordic House (Reykjavik, Iceland)
1997: Barbie-art. Stockman, Helsinki (part.)
The Nest. Galerie Labor 019, Berlin, Germany
Images from Russian folklore. Russian culture center, Helsinki
The Christmas Calendar. Tikanojan museum, Vaasa; Annantalo, Helsinki; Jämsä, Art museum, Mikkeli
1995-96: Siberia. Annantalo; Voipaala; Arctic museum "Nanoq", Pietarsaari
Russian letters in pictures. Russian culture center, Helsinki
Void. Book installation. Tikanojan museum, Vaasa; Art museum, Kuopio; Parliaments library, Rikhardinkadun library, Helsinki; Skellefteå, Östersund, Sweden; City library, Kotka
1994: Mailed Art in Uppsala, Sweden (part.)
1992: Sweet horror. Poleeni, Pieksmäki
1991-93: Pictures for children. Bellarte art gallery (Helsinki, Turku), Voipaala. Finland
1991: Six Russian artists around the book. National Museum, Stockholm (part.)
1990: Fantastic forest. Illustrations from France and Russia. Moscow, Paris (part.)
1989: Illustrations for childrens books. Japan (part.)
1989: Illustration show at the Children's Book Fair. Bologna, Italy (part.)
1988: Soviet book illustration for children. Auersperg Palais, Vienna (part.)
1982-88: Book art & other art exhibitions in Moscow (participation)