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Chesmen gallery (non-conventional restauration project). Gatchina palace, St.Petersburg
Leviathan. Maritime Museum of Finland, Vellamo, Kotka
The giant snake - a new version of the snake, commissioned from Berlin
Matryoshka - a playground for a daycare center in Berlin
Fröbel & you - building set in a suitcase. Kindergarten museum, Helsinki
Fröbel's giant blocks. Kindergarten museum, Helsinki
A tree in the Moominvalley. Tampere art museum
Shadows of the past. Video installation in Gatchina palace
Metamorphoses 2
. Sculpture installation in the Children's museum for historical education, St.Petersburg
Metamorphoses. Art object in the Sculpture park, Kotka
Teremok. Redesigning of the daycare center facades in Berlin
The amazing sandcakes in Kotka
Cinderella. Stage design for the theatre performance at the Tikanoja art house, Vaasa.
Moominvalley. Tampere city library
Three suitcases (together with Vera Hlebnikova)
The patchwork landscapes (together with Vera Hlebnikova)
Fantasy love
Tropiclandia sculptures
Paper sculptures for G.A.Serlachius museum
The giant snake (together with Vera Hlebnikova)
The library Christmas calendar
Trunk with fairy tales (together with Martin Hackenberg)
My own archaeology
Storks on the roof (together with Martin Hackenberg)
Fairy tale oak tree (together with Martin Hackenberg)
The face of the hill
Art in the amusement park (together with Vera Hlebnikova)