Huviksi ja haitaksi
(Vrednye sovety Mischievous Advice)
by Grigori Oster

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A book for disobedient children and their parents!

Scientists have recently discovered that there exist in the world disobedient children who do everything backwards. Give them good advice like, “Wash up in the morning,” and they go and don’t wash up at all. Tell them, “Say hello to one another,” and straight away they begin not saying hello. The scientists figured that such children need to be given not good, but mischievous advice. They’ll do everything backwards, and all will turn out just right. "Mischievous Advice" by Grigori Oster has been a hit in Russia for more than a decade.

The illustrator of this book became himself a disobedient child and started to draw, paint and write on all possible surfaces from a child’s everyday environment, "spoiling" walls, floors, clothes, tables, fences and asphalt…

WSOY, Helsinki, 2010. Translated into Finnish by Teemu Kaskinen

AST Astrel, Moscow, 2010

© Alexander Reichstein