Ihmeellinen pallo

The Miraculous Ball (available in English, too)
by Reetta Niemelä, Alexander Reichstein and Taina Sillanpää

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This book has two front covers and starts from both sides, containing two different stories - for adults and for children. Both stories deal with basic shapes of our three-dimensional world: a ball, a cube and a cylinder, and all other diverse shapes deriving from them. The adult's part tells about Friedrich Fröbel, the inventor of the kindergarten, and his "gifts". Besides that, Alexander Reichstein's innovations based on Fröbel's gifts are presented: a construction set in a suitcase (http://www.reichstein.name/Froebel&You.html) and giant building blocks (http://www.reichstein.name/buildingblocks.html). Both stories meet in the middle of the book, just as children's and adult's worlds meet in a kindergarten.

210 x 220 mm, 32 pgs, full color

© Reetta Niemelä, Alexander Reichstein, Taina Sillanpää, text
© Alexander Reichstein, illustrations, photos, graphic design
Sponsored by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Grafia

Ebeneser Foundation / The Kindergarten Museum, Helsinki, 2019